1. Sooks's Avatar
    Item Description : iPad 16GB WiFi w box + extras
    Price : $600 OBO
    Rate it : 9.9/10 ( like new condition)
    What it comes with :

    Box and everything
    apple care
    incase leather case (amazing)
    clear snap on hard case

    Item location : Vancouver, WA
    Shipping Details : FedEx 2ed day
    Payment Options : PayPal
    Contact Info : sooks2008@gmail.com

    08-17-10 09:08 PM
  2. Sooks's Avatar
    Also looking for a trade : Blackberry Torch + cash..... shoot me offers people ... i have a ring to pay off lol
    08-17-10 09:09 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    A ring??????? No shiz????? Congratz!!!!!!!
    08-17-10 09:31 PM
  4. John Yester's Avatar

    Thought you just got bored again with another gadget. lol
    08-17-10 09:49 PM
  5. Sooks's Avatar
    HaHa thanks all ! Ya got engaged , just bought the wedding rings and spent about 3x the amount i was expecting hahah .... now .. my ipad is going to be the first payment on my CC that i had to max lol
    08-17-10 09:55 PM
  6. Sooks's Avatar
    Ok all price update 525.00 SHIPPED !! I'll do second day air to anywhere in the US

    Remember you are getting apple care , and two cases !!! Not to mention from a kick as seller !!! Lol
    08-19-10 07:56 PM
  7. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    Congratulations!!! It sounds like a great deal but I have no need for anymore ipads... My friend gets them all from work for free.
    08-19-10 08:01 PM
  8. D2TSHR1439's Avatar
    I want it, just cant spend the moeny on it lol. Dont have anything to trade youd be interested in either. GLWS though man.
    08-19-10 08:35 PM
  9. Sooks's Avatar
    Thanks all ! Ok finial price drop if no sell eBay here it comes ..... 500.00 shipped !!!!!!!
    08-19-10 10:28 PM