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    Item Description : Blackberry Storm 9530
    Price : $250.00 or trade + cash for a Verizon Blackberry Pearl Flip
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Original box, wall charger, manuals, CDROM, usb cord, leather side case, incipio feather case (purple)
    Item location : Tallassee, AL
    Shipping Details : USPS
    Payment Options : paypal
    Contact Info : PM me!!

    I've had this phone for a little over 3 months. It has a few light scratches on the top part of the bezel but none on screen! Easily covered with a silicone cover. I've had a screen protector on it. It works great and is running on the newest official OS from VZW .148. I love this phone but I just miss having a smaller phone that fits in my pocket. I'm really interested in a Pearl Flip from Verizon. If you're interested please shoot me a PM with offers. I'd really like to trade + cash this phone but if that's cool too! Thanks! Also I have more pictures just not enough space in my post! I can email to you if you'd like!
    07-02-09 01:15 PM
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    Ah come on guys someone has to be slightly interested right?

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    07-02-09 06:30 PM
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    Oh man, I didn't know selling or trading this thing was going to be so hard. I have ads all over the place! Only responses I'm getting are for "aboard" students..
    07-03-09 02:13 PM
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    Close her up mods. No luck on CB this time. Thanks!

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    07-06-09 11:26 AM
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    i am interested in this too.. Located in Canada

    07-07-09 02:39 PM
  6. RazorMan's Avatar
    can this phone work will sprint ?
    07-07-09 03:31 PM
  7. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    this phone would not work with sprint, it will work with verizon or a GSM based network.
    07-07-09 07:15 PM
  8. saichick04's Avatar
    wth?! I thought NOONE even looked at this thread! I sold the phone to a friend from school.
    07-07-09 07:16 PM
  9. Garz's Avatar
    Sorry we missed the request to close. Now done!
    07-07-09 07:19 PM