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    Item Description : Blackbery 9700 running OS (at&t branded, unlocked)
    Price : $220 OBO or trade for an at&t Android phone
    Rate it : 9/10 - two faint scuffs, see pics
    What it comes with : so far just the phone, battery and rear covers. i have the original cover and a aftermarket blacked out one. i also have an after market blacked out bezel which i will include. this bezel was used since new, which is why the OEM bezel is in great shape. i will also include a new PCB keypad membrane.
    Item location : NJ
    Shipping Details : UPS, ill pay
    Payment Options : paypal only
    Contact Info : respond to thread or PM

    Any additional info: if you buy the phone for my asking price, ill include a brand new 9780 bezel, cover and keypad ($35 value). i have to look for the original box, i dont know where it could be. this phone was purchased from at&t and is not a refurb. the keypad has been replaced, as well as the PCB keypad membrane (see the link in my sig), the trackpad (it started phantom scrolling) and the whole midplate (due to the speakerphone speaker blowing out). this phone has been rebuilt recently with all brand new parts. its in tip top shape and works 100% perfect NO WATER DAMAGE AND NEVER DROPPED. any questions or more pics needed, let me know.
    06-25-11 07:21 PM
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    $200? best offer??
    06-30-11 04:50 AM
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    I can vouch for seller/trader!
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    06-30-11 07:41 AM
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    as usual, thanks!!!
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    06-30-11 07:43 AM
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    Where do you ship from?
    06-30-11 04:29 PM
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    PM sent.

    06-30-11 04:35 PM
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    PM replied to
    06-30-11 06:14 PM
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    Would you be able to install the new parts before shipping for a fee?

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    06-30-11 07:58 PM
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    what new parts? the 9780 bezel? i will only install them upon request and payment, as the 9700 bezel is in perfect condition as it is. wouldnt you wanna wait until its get scratched first? either way up to you. if you purchase it for $200 and pay via paypal, i will ship it tomorrow with the new 9780 bezel installed at no extra cost and the 9700 bezel packaged along side of it.

    the phone already has new parts in it as stated: midplate, trackpad, keypad and membrane. just remember, i cannot locate my original box or charger. all you get are the misc parts, old and new, and the phone and battery.
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    06-30-11 08:03 PM
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    still looking to get rid of it. some people who sent messages never appeared to return them.
    07-01-11 08:05 AM
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    motivational bump.......if i drop the price any lower, i wont want to include the 9780 bezel. anoy more offers? no one replies to my PM's so its still available.
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    07-05-11 02:17 AM
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    phone has been sold, thanks for the offers.
    07-09-11 03:44 AM