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    Item Description : 13" White Macbook
    Price :SOLD
    Rate it : 6/10
    What it comes with : New charger, incase protective plastic shell, restore software, tons of software loaded on it
    Item location : Rocky Mount, NC
    Shipping Details : Whatever you want
    Payment Options : Paypal or Face to Face
    Contact Info : jeremyeguzman@gmail.com

    Any additional info: you can see it on craigslist here.... Trade Macbook for iMac or Mini

    The battery does not work on this laptop. That is why I'm getting rid of it and why I say 6/10. It works GREAT and i use it every day (using it right now) but i'm thinking either a desktop would be better for our family (so i want a mac of course) or if i got a pc i'd want a really high end one or a new dell 10" mini. So there ya go. feel free to email me if you all have questions and thanks for your time.
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    08-09-09 05:18 PM
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    Can you post the specs of the Mac.....can you take a screen shot or cut and paste the about this Mac option please.....i would like to know what OS you are running and processor speeds.....thanks!!
    08-10-09 05:31 PM
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    Yeah I also would like to see that.
    08-10-09 06:32 PM