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    Item: New (used 2 days while I waited for my new phone, but I was on vacation those two days so really no use)
    Rate it:9.5/10 only because it was opened (no marks)
    Price:550 or best offer
    payment:confirmed address payment through paypal please
    Location:Akron Ohio
    Shipping:5 bucks via usps
    Description: This is a White torch that comes with everything it originally came with PLUS oem two leather cases, and a otterbox case, two whole body best skin evers and two extra best screen ever screen protectors and if the dock shows up it will be included (shipping delay)
    contact:jjarvis4@gmail.com or pm me here

    no trades, thanks.
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    11-25-10 11:12 AM
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    bump, come on people make me an offer! lets deal
    11-27-10 02:47 PM
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    price drop to 525. make an offer. need to sell.
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    11-28-10 07:38 AM
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    Dock has arrived and will be included, send those offers, thanks.
    11-29-10 02:27 PM
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    emails responded too price lowered to 485 send in your offers!!
    12-01-10 10:30 AM
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    phone gone, please close thanks!
    12-01-10 07:10 PM