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    Item: Blackberry 8330 for Verizon Wireless
    Price: $100.00 or b.o
    Condition: 7/10
    Location: Lancaster, MA
    Includes: Blackberry and Charger.
    Shipping: i'll pay for shipping. USPS
    Contact: email me at gdasilva16@yahoo.com or send me a PM. i no longer have a blackberry so no more bbm.

    i no longer have a verizon account so i have no use for it. it does have some scratches, but it works beautifully.

    please let me know... thanks
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    04-11-10 08:53 AM
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    bump??? this needs to go.
    04-15-10 06:23 PM
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    Consider a price restructure. Asking $125 for a 7/10 8330 means you don't want it to go that bad. (yes I see the b.o) Morning bump.
    04-16-10 07:29 AM
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    I'll drop it down to $100

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    04-16-10 02:44 PM