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    Item Description: Verizon Bold 9650, great condition, works perfect
    Purchased: New June 2010

    Price: $225 Includes, paypal, shipping priority mail/insurance
    Rate it: 8.5 out of 10

    Items Included: Original boxes, Phone, 2gb microSD card, charger, cigarette lighter charger, wall charger, usb cable, two differenct otter box cases (Commuter new in box, and Defender case), two seidio extended battery back covers, a seidio 2600 mAH, a seidio, 1700 mAH, two (2) standard BB batteries, seidio belt clip holder. Phone is Unlocked
    Location: South of Pittsburgh

    Shipping Details: USPS Priority Mail Insurance/delivery confirmation
    Payment Options: Paypal(verified only), Face to Face, Bank Money Order

    My wife and I recently moved to the Droid X platform. Keeping my old BB 8330 curve as a backup (It's too old to sell...hahaha) This phone
    was purchased new by me. The ESN is CLEAN (no issues) A security wipe has been performed, all applications removed, and restored to the latest
    verizon OS release v5.0.0.975. All standard applications have been installed. As you can see in the pictures there are scratches on the top bezel. Flash Photography always accentuates flaws...they un-noticable unless you are really looking for them.

    More Pics at: Pictures by NightThumper - Photobucket
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    Interested in parting out the extended battery and its respective cover?
    01-09-11 12:55 PM
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    Interested in parting out the extended battery and its respective cover?
    You've got a PM
    01-09-11 06:17 PM
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    Got it....LOL. Boo!
    01-09-11 08:29 PM
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    Please Remote Item is SOLD
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