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    Item Description :Verizon Silver Blackberry Pear 8130
    Price :$125 UD
    Rate it :8.5-9/10(small minimal scratches on side rails)
    What it comes with :Phone, wall charger, data cable(if i can locate it),and a bonus 512 MB microsd card.
    Item location : Sterling Heights,MI
    Shipping Details :Buyer preference(They pay for)
    Payment Options : Paypal preferred
    Contact Info :
    my email is bm1217ams@yahoo.com
    or you can bbm/pin me at 305E6205.

    Any additional info:
    I will be up front with you all and say that there is minimal scratches on the chrome side rails(very small tho). I am hoping to here from serious buyers as i need the money to pay my bills. I hope to hearing from you soon.



    02-28-09 07:33 AM
  2. bmc1217's Avatar
    No takers? Price is negotiable within reason

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    02-28-09 04:43 PM
  3. bmc1217's Avatar
    nobody???? 123 views n no comments lol
    03-03-09 02:18 PM
  4. Danieljbrown32's Avatar
    i will trade you an 8830 world edition that looks brand new
    03-04-09 05:12 PM
  5. Brian P's Avatar
    i will trade you an 8830 world edition that looks brand new

    I'll make that trade with you. I have a bb pearl in condion as good as this one.
    03-04-09 07:18 PM
  6. bmc1217's Avatar
    Seriously trading on my thread?

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    03-04-09 08:13 PM
  7. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Seriously trading on my thread?

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    that is honestly pretty sad, they should be respectful and PM eachother..
    03-05-09 02:34 PM
  8. bmc1217's Avatar
    Thank you for that. I appreciate it

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    03-05-09 05:20 PM
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    Posted my phone on ebay and got this email from a buyer. Scam?I think so. What you guys think.

    Hi Precious,** My name is ,actually i stay in California in United State,I will really appreciate your kindness if you will be helping to sent this your item to one of my boyfriend in oversea (West Africa) via post office,am willing to pay($ 450..00 USD)including the shipment cost via post office.if you agree on my offer kindly get back to me with your paypal request so i can proceed with the transaction now and you can still make the shipment today as soon as you confirm the payment made by me from paypal,Note:-i will not be able to send you the money via any other payment method due to my work condition,as i count on your unimpeachable response and promptness,i do hope u will justify the confidence i repose in youThanks and i await your reply soon

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    03-06-09 07:31 AM
  10. illxpanda's Avatar
    Yes, definitely a scam.

    another one of those africa/nigerian scams.
    03-06-09 02:35 PM
  11. bmc1217's Avatar
    knew it. first off "precious"? are you kidding me lol
    03-06-09 04:29 PM
  12. santiago005's Avatar
    scam , sent me the same thing when i was selling my pearl . dont even entertain that persons emails
    03-06-09 04:45 PM
  13. bmc1217's Avatar
    how bout this one guys? scam to me but lets see what you think.

    Hello Seller,
    I saw your item listed on Ebay and I am interested in buying it for my son who studies abroad as his birthday gift.Due to the matter of urgency,I am willing to offer you the sum of $700 for the payment and shipping of the item cuz this item will be shipped directly from you to my son's address via INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS MAIL(EMS) and I will be making my payment out to you via PayPal.PayPal is a method of payment used by both buyers and sellers make and receive payments on auction and classified sites.PayPal is 100% free,safe,secure and reliable.Just log on to www.PayPal.com and sign up with them in order to receive your payment and kindly get back at me asap with the present condition of this item and your PayPal email so that i can proceed to make payments.You can as well add me to your yahoo messenger so we can chat.Hope you are a honest and reliable seller that I won't regret transacting business with.

    Take care and hope to hear back from you asap


    Name Of Sender(edited out by me)
    03-06-09 06:44 PM
  14. John Yester's Avatar
    Scam scam scam. don't jump on those emails bro. be safe.
    03-07-09 05:48 PM
  15. bmc1217's Avatar
    Scam scam scam. don't jump on those emails bro. be safe.
    Not getting me to bite. I do really want to sell my pearl off but to a real person not a computer automated scam. I was kind of also putting these scams up so if a newer member were trying to sell something and they were to get an email response like i have received, they would have the heads up before they get f'ed out of their bb. Just trying to help some peeps out in the future hopefully.

    Now if anyone wants this phone or knows someone who wants one please contact me and let me know. I really need to sell this so i can get some extra cash and pay bills off. Im not trying to guilt anybody into buying it but is in really good condition and it is loaded with a bunch of themes and ringtones that you will be able to keep if you choose to do so. I will negotiate prices with everyone so bring me with what you got.

    Just let me know.

    03-07-09 06:02 PM
  16. Danieljbrown32's Avatar
    are you willing to trade for a LIKE NEW 8830 WE?
    03-08-09 06:38 PM
  17. bmc1217's Avatar
    No trades unfortunately

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    03-09-09 07:18 AM
  18. Zencyl's Avatar
    what do you think of $100
    03-12-09 09:31 PM
  19. bmc1217's Avatar
    thinking ill take it. bbm me or email me
    03-12-09 09:40 PM
  20. bmc1217's Avatar
    mods close this baby down she finally sold lol
    03-12-09 09:56 PM