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    Item Description : Silver BlackBerry 8830 World Edition for Verizon
    Price : $100-FIRM (not in a rush to sell it at the moment)
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Phone, Battery, Charger, Data Cable
    Item location : Chicago
    Shipping Details : USPS, you pay for your choice of service
    Payment Options : PayPal or Cash
    Contact Info : Please PM me

    Additional info: ESN is clear. I removed the "Verizon" logo on the bottom. (I don't advertise for free)

    The phone functions perfectly, and is running The trackball is good and so is the charging port. (Known to go bad). Again, another perfect "backup" or starter BlackBerry.

    Any other questions, ask.

    08-15-09 11:28 PM
  2. dwp1975's Avatar
    Nice device, any physical damage? (nicks, dings, scratches, dents)

    Also, are there any abrasion marks from removing the logo (nice touch by the way)
    08-16-09 08:57 AM
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    There are no marks from removing the logo. There ARE little scratches on it. Obviously they're not too bad, though, as you can tell from the pics.

    I'm making this available again. I will be back from out of town this weekend and will be able to ship it out next week for anyone that's interested.
    09-03-09 06:44 PM
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    09-09-09 04:09 AM
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    Thread closed, remember to leave each other feedbaxk!
    09-09-09 08:19 AM