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    Item Description : Like new Verizon BlackBerry. I used this one for about 2 weeks. Although the trackball in it was switched out so it is not "new". It does have a small scratch on the battery cover. Looks like a mark with a pen. You can see the pictures ! Besides that it's in good condition. I did not give it a full 10 since it has been used. Has clean ESN. I double checked with Verizon to see and it's good to go ! If you want you can check for yourself. Just let me know.

    Price : Phone; $175 - Everything $200 - OBO
    Rate it : 9/10 ; Because it has been used.
    What it comes with ;
    - Original Box [If you want it]
    - CDs, Manuals [If you want 'em]
    - 1 Pouch.
    - 2 hard cases - Pink and Burgundy
    - 3 Pink Silicons - 2 are the same and the other has a little etch-sketch design
    - 2 Black Silicons.
    - 1 Burgundy Silicone.
    - 1 Purple Silicone. [Not pictured]
    - 2 Charging Docks
    - 2 Wall Chargers.
    - 2 USB Cords
    - 4 Batteries [3 pictured 1 in phone]
    - 1 Battery Charger
    - 1 Car Charger [Not pictured]
    Item location : Los Angeles, CA
    Shipping Details : You Pay :]
    Payment Options : PayPal, Cash [Local], Money Order, ETC .
    Contact Info : yessee@tmo.blackberry.net or PM

    Any additional info : If you're just interested in the phone it self; that's fine. Or if you're interested in any accessory ; that's fine too. I'm really just trying to sell the phone. I would prefer if someone took everything, or almost everything ! I no longer have no use for any of this stuff as I just switched to get a 8900 !

    I'm open to ANY offers/trades/etc

    If you want any other pictures of the phone ; just ask :]
    07-11-09 02:23 AM
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    I apologize ; I forgot to mention this item has been SOLD!
    08-04-09 04:08 PM