1. BB_Curve00's Avatar
    Item Description : Used VZX 8703e And Nextel i7100
    Price : 60 shipped for each
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : 8703e comes with holster
    Item location : New Jersey
    Shipping Details : USPS
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : PM, PIn or Vincent_ortmannjr@tmo.blackberry.net

    Any additional info: i had some phones that i am trying to get rid of. The phones works prefectly fine with no problems.

    04-12-09 12:46 PM
  2. BB_Curve00's Avatar
    anyone need backup phones. These two are great for backups
    04-15-09 08:02 PM
  3. gdasilva16's Avatar
    i won't have money till next weekend!!! i need a backup too and that 8703 would be perfect...man i'm mad...i want it now!
    04-18-09 07:09 AM
  4. BB_Curve00's Avatar
    Still up for grabs. cleaning my "Phone Box"
    05-22-09 05:51 AM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    I noticed you are a Storm owner. Would you be interested in a trade? I can send you the OEM Charging Pod and the Premium Headphones (the bold ones, NOT the Storm Stock model)
    05-26-09 03:23 PM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    trade is pending with OP i believe we are shipping tomorrow.
    06-09-09 10:01 PM
  7. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Received 8703 today, and shipped out the phones that are trading via UPS today.

    Thank you BB_Curve!
    06-11-09 03:44 PM