1. E_Brown's Avatar
    Item Description : Used Verizon Blackberry Bold 9650
    Price : $250 plus shipping
    Rate it : 8 out of 10
    What it comes with : 2GB memory card, travel charger, USB cable, leather case, spare battery, spare battery door, charing pod, hard pink case (purchased at Verizon),and box.
    Item location : Albany, NY
    Shipping Details : Buyer chooses shipping option
    Payment Options : Paypal or Cash
    Contact Info : 518-322-3665 (please text don't call), evb624@yahoo.com

    Any additional info: Selling, because I got a Driod X. This phone is is very good overall condition. The reason it is listed as an 8 is because the paint is chipping on the "E" key. This is a fairly common problem as you can see in the forum.

    11-20-10 09:34 AM
  2. E_Brown's Avatar
    I forgot to add that there is a clean esn, and I can give it the the buyer to verify before the purchase.
    11-20-10 09:35 AM
  3. E_Brown's Avatar
    Local sale pending

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    11-20-10 05:51 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    I adjusted your pictures a bit. Let us know how you make put on the local sale.
    11-21-10 08:18 PM
  5. E_Brown's Avatar
    Thank you for Adjusting the pictures pkcable. I don't know why they looked the way they did. when I was posting it, everything looked normal. Local sale went thru. Thank you every one for your interest in this.
    11-22-10 08:28 AM