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    Item Description: Unlocked VZW Storm 2 (9550)
    Price: $350
    Rate it: 8/10, Slight scratches on Battery Cover
    What it comes with: Blackberry Storm 2, original box and all original accessories, including 16GB SD Card
    Item location: Del Rio, TX
    Shipping Details: Included in price for US buyers
    Payment Options: PayPal only
    Contact Info: [Email ONLY!] john.golden220@gmail.com

    I used the phone for about 2 months before switching from Verizon to ATT due to horrible service where I am. The phone is unlocked, but I never set up the service books for ATT. I'll be in training for the next few weeks, but will have access to email and will ship as fast as possible. (Only in the field for one week)

    Trade info: I'd be willing to trade for a 9700 ATT branded or possibly a 9000.

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    01-28-10 07:38 PM
  2. OviFan's Avatar
    Still available?
    02-03-10 04:07 PM
  3. husm's Avatar
    i have a brand new 9000 from warranty that ill trade plus cash for it
    02-10-10 06:52 PM