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    Item Description: Like New, Unlocked, Unbranded Bold 9780 (3G bands compatible with AT&T)
    Price: $400 obo
    Rate it: 9.5/10 (only because I turned it on and put my sim card in it for about 30 minutes)
    What it comes with: Box, All documentation, CDs, pouch, MicroUSB cables, wall charger (wall outlet converters), headphones, (For some reason, I do not know where the microSD card is. Sorry.)
    Item location: Greater New Orleans Area
    Shipping Details; USPS Priority Mail Insured (included in the price)
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Contact Info: PM, BBM, or amy.wineberry@gmail.com

    Additional info:

    I am starting to come to grips with the fact that I have a serious electronics addictionan addiction that is both hard to satisfy and hard to shake.

    I ended up getting a Torch in May, but started to go through candybar withdrawal. About a month ago, I decided to give a Bold 9780 a try. However, by that time, I had spent too much time with the bigger [touch]screen on the Torch and found the transition all but, dare I say, unbearable. (It makes me sad to type that last sentence.)

    I have too many devices lying around collecting dust, and Im trying to either downsize or buy something else that would get more use. (Ive already let my Inspire 4G go.)

    I do not have feedback here, but I have made one sale to a CB user. (I believe his name was DJDakoo,) I have a feedback of 20 on eBay, and will gladly provide anyone with a link upon request.

    I will ship using USPS upon cleared payment. (I will not, under any circumstances, ship first.) I would rather ship within the US; however, I know that this device would serve well in Canada, so I wont exclude Canadians buyers. The phone will be shipped with insurance and will require delivery confirmation. This is simply so that we can both have peace of mind.

    Lastly, I wish to make this transaction as painless as possible. Please save the scams. At the moment, I do not have the patience for them. (I know what fake PayPal messages look like. )

    Thank you.


    07-03-11 09:07 PM
  2. Amy wineBerry's Avatar
    Price drop to $350.

    Also, no BBM. Just PM or email.
    07-05-11 12:04 PM
  3. Amy wineBerry's Avatar
    Item has been sold. Mods, feel free to lock it up.
    07-06-11 09:56 AM