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    Item: Blackberry 9630 Tour for sprint, which I believe is unlocked (it has a AT&T card in it)
    condition:7/10 scratching on silver bezel and some on phone one or two minor scratches on screen but for most part screen is in good condition (seems to work 100% too, cant test activation due to me NOT having a sprint account or SIM card phone (I have vzw)
    Price: 75 bucks shipped
    Items it comes with:battery, phone, battery cover
    Paymentaypal confirmed address please

    Okay so I found this phone in my yard while cutting grass(no I didnt hit it, and no it didnt get rained on) it has no water damage, it seems to have belonged to a younger girl as the blackberry pin wasnt in use, so I would ASSUME it is clear, again it did have texts and some numbers in it, I tried to call the home number and no one picked up, I have contacted them for awhile but at this point I am assuming they dont live there, dont call back, and dont ever pick up their phone as I have tried MANY times to get ahold of them and do the right thing...but at this point I am going to offer it to someone here as a decent CHEAP backup phone

    08-23-10 01:39 PM
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    dont want to edit the first post and sorry I left this out, but I do have feedback on here!

    edit: and yes this phone does turn on, battery lasts a couple days, and seems to work great.
    08-23-10 01:39 PM
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    Have you called either carrier?
    08-23-10 03:35 PM
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    I have not called either carrier, just the home number.

    edit: scratch that I called sprint and they said that since it has a att sim in it it is not being used in their service. calling att now.

    edit#2. I am on hold at att but I did forget to write that sprint said the esn was clear through them as it was deactiveted off the account and is ready for activation through sprint.

    edit: #3...Att said since its a sprint phone they cant do anything with it, the sim card they cant release any info on that. I am trying guys I really am. ATT did say I could drop it off to recycle it at their store
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    08-23-10 03:45 PM
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    PM sent. Two, technically
    08-24-10 01:55 AM
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    lol josh I responded to yours, did you get coffee yet?

    all other pms answered.
    08-24-10 08:17 AM
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    10characters gets me every time.
    08-24-10 11:47 AM