1. MRCUR's Avatar
    Item Description: Unlocked AT&T Bold 9700 w/original box and accessories
    Price: $350
    Rate it: 9.5/10 (only because it's used)
    What it comes with: Original box with all original accessories - microUSB cable, microUSB wall charger, still sealed headphones, still sealed case, manuals/CD/etc.
    Item location: PA, US
    Shipping Details: Free FedEx Ground/Home Delivery (US ONLY!)
    Payment Options: PayPal (it'd be nice if you're verified...)
    Contact Info: Please post here or PM me.

    Other Info: This really is a perfect 9700. I ordered it directly from AT&T on launch day and only used it for about two months. Battery still holds a perfect charge, phone is in 100% perfect condition. It's never been dropped, hurt, ridiculed, etc. I'll load whatever OS you want on it.

    I also have brand new, never opened, accessories available that are from the CrackBerry Store 9700 bundle. Please let me know if you want more pics or info. I don't have any feedback on here as this is my first post, but you can find me on eBay with 100% positive feedback under "mrcur15".

    03-19-10 09:22 PM
  2. MRCUR's Avatar
    I also have an unlocked Verizon Storm2 if anyone is interested in that device: http://forums.crackberry.com/f14/wts...9550-a-440156/
    03-20-10 09:21 AM
  3. MRCUR's Avatar
    I'd really like to get this (and my Storm) sold this weekend. If anyone has an offer, please PM me! I can ship Monday.
    03-20-10 02:10 PM
  4. MRCUR's Avatar
    This is still available everyone. I'd really, really like to get it sold today, so please PM me with any offers!

    (The Storm has been sold.)
    03-21-10 08:42 AM
  5. MRCUR's Avatar
    Price drop to $325 with PayPal fees paid. I can ship tomorrow (Monday) morning.
    03-21-10 05:42 PM
  6. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Pm me.
    03-21-10 06:06 PM
  7. wsm23's Avatar
    Interested in trading for a Iphone 3gs 32gb + cash?
    03-25-10 08:20 AM
  8. myfirstberry8100's Avatar
    $280 plus shipping cost

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-27-10 05:03 AM
  9. MRCUR's Avatar
    Phone has been SOLD!

    If a mod could please lock this thread I would appreciate it.
    03-27-10 08:14 AM