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    Item Description : Unlocked Verizon STORM 9530

    Price :300 USD

    Rate it :9/10

    What it comes with : Phone, Battery, Charger(w/ world attachments), all original books, manuals CDs(Sealed CDs), Original 8gb SD Card, Original Black Box w/ serial/pin/MEID ect.

    Item location :Portland, Or USA 97225

    Shipping Details :USPS Priority Mail Paid in Price

    Payment Options :PayPal, Cash, Western Union
    Contact Info : PM, AIM: Hoffdude82 , MSN: vodkaloves_rot@hotmail.com , text (503)758-5556, or eMail.

    Additional : Well, I never have problems buying new CrackBerrys, but my Tour impatience has led me to buying a HTC Touch Pro to play around with until the Tours release, so the phone it's replacing must get outta here.

    I ordered this phone on release day and got it December 5th. Has no clicking issues what so ever. The phone runs great, I've been one of those people with no real problems on the Storm at all. Be happy to flash it up to or back down to any OS(currently .141 you want excluding hybrids.) Just unlocked this phone as I am typing this advertisement and has been officially deactivated by Verizon, so if you're on Verizon activating this on your account is as simple as going online or dropping by a store(remember you need a data plan)

    Cosmetically this phone is nearly perfect, it was always in my pocket, covered in a BestSkinsEver invisible case(now removed) and a Silicone Cover for around 40% of its life. The top right and bottom left chrome corners have chipped slightly but other than that not a single even light scratch (have 15.1MP images if you're really interested.)

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you look into my post history I'm sure you'll notice I'm generally useful around here and don't just have 100+ troll posts or anything. I'll also provide my personal support if for some reason you're new to BlackBerrys and you wanna pick up this phone.
    05-27-09 04:43 AM