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    Item Description : Blackberry Stom 1 UNLOCKED for use on ATT and T-Mobile. I am also incluiding a Sedio Innocase II Surface and the Sedio Desktop Cradle. I will also ship with Quicklaunch, BerryBuzz and BerryWeather and provide activation codes. Includes Original Box, Wall Charger and Micro USB data cable. I completed a transaction last week through the Marketplace with the user jmejiaa. The transaction went flawlessly and I urge you to contact him regarding my integrity in selling. I've requested he post feedback, but has not yet done so. Any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

    Pictures will be up tonight when I get home from work.

    Price : $200 for everything
    Rate it : Phone is 8/10 with normal wear and tear for a phone used everyday for a year. Accessories including case and charfging cradle are 10/10.
    What it comes with : S1, Sedio case and cradle, original box, wall charger and data cable.
    Item location : New York City.
    Shipping Details : You tell me how you want me to ship.
    Payment Options : Paypal Only.
    Contact Info : dsantopietro@gmail.com

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    10-29-09 08:47 AM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Okay I will give you to tonight.....
    10-29-09 03:53 PM
  3. dbone15's Avatar
    Pics posted. Sorry they are sideways.
    10-29-09 07:00 PM
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    would you take $180
    10-29-09 09:07 PM
  5. dbone15's Avatar
    Ill take 190 shipped. PM me if interested.

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    10-29-09 09:19 PM
  6. y0us3f's Avatar
    hmm unlocked ?
    10-30-09 04:19 AM
  7. dbone15's Avatar
    Yes the phone is unlocked. Description is updated.
    10-30-09 06:29 AM
  8. John Yester's Avatar
    Title updated per OP request.
    10-30-09 07:09 AM
  9. dbone15's Avatar
    Title updated per OP request.


    10-30-09 08:34 AM
  10. djackson02's Avatar
    I have a curve 8330 for verizon any interest in trade plus cash?
    10-30-09 03:47 PM
  11. dbone15's Avatar
    Sorry. I already have an 8330. Not looking for a trade. Straight cash. PM me with an offer if interested. Thx.
    10-30-09 05:04 PM
  12. beri's Avatar
    are items still available?
    10-31-09 05:00 PM
  13. dbone15's Avatar
    Yes. Email me directly at dsantopietro@gmail.com if interested.

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    10-31-09 05:04 PM
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    I live in the NYC too, is it okay for a meetup instead of paypal? im interested
    10-31-09 10:07 PM
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    This has been sold. Please close up. Thanks.
    11-05-09 02:34 PM