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    Item Description : Unlocked Sprint BlackBerry Torch 9850
    Price : $500 shipped FIRM
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : EVERYTHING- Phone, battery, charger, data cable, manual, etc
    Item location : Chicago
    Shipping Details : Will include FedEx Ground in the US. Anywhere else is at your cost. Will ship worldwide.
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : PM me
    Feedback: Excellent feedback.

    Additional info: I bought this phone hoping to use it on my 2nd line with T-Mobile. Their reps are absolutely clueless and I'm tired of wasting time on the phone with them. Neither RIM nor I can't get them to properly provision it on their network, so I've been unable to use it. I paid $490 for this (will also include the receipt) and that is EXACTLY what I want for it. I can easily go return it for a full refund, but the salesman went out of his way to sell it to me outright (I hear that Sprint won't sell them outright anyway, so maybe this will help someone here) and I'd prefer not to be a d**k and bring it back. However, if it's not sold by Monday, I will just return it.

    Don't bother offering me anything less than $500.

    08-25-11 02:22 PM
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    08-28-11 03:21 AM
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    Nice... I really want the 9930, but I'm being given the option of the 9850 which isn't a bad device at all. If I didn't have so many touchscreen devices, I'd jump on one of these.
    08-28-11 09:46 AM