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    Item Description : Unlocked Pearl 8100, white, t-mo branded
    Price :$75 shipped USPS Priority
    Rate it :8/10 *see below
    What it comes with : Phone, battery, and wall charger, 2 (red and white gel skins) copy of the unlock code. you'll need to d/l the desktop software and supply your own headphones.
    Item location : Nashville, TN
    Shipping Details :included in price
    Payment Options: paypal or cash for local pick up
    Contact Info : PM me here or email me at jeremy.apollo.wyatt@gmail.com

    Additional Info:

    This is my 9 month old "back up" phone that I retired after I got the 8900. I recently unlocked and "restored" the phone (new battery door, new chrome siderails) hoping my girlfriend would get into Blackberrys, but she wants nothing to do with a smartphone. The phone looks new except for one blemish on the chrome on the top of the phone, and some light scratches on the screen consistent with being carried in a pocket. The blemish in the chrome can't be seen when using a gel skin, and is pictured below.

    I can snap more pics if anyone needs, feel free to ask any questions.

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    50 bucks gets it
    04-16-09 09:47 PM
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    And they can get replacement parts for it quite easily, make it look good as new. I'm sure some might be interested.

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    04-16-09 10:24 PM
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    pm'd ya!

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    04-16-09 11:09 PM
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    and it's sold, mods feel free to lock it down
    04-16-09 11:20 PM