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    Item Description : T-Mobile Unlocked BlackBerry Pearl 8100 / Black
    Price : $150.00
    Rate it : 7/10
    What it comes with : Phone, battery, wall charger, USB cord, clear hardcase, black rubber skin, belt case, software (you're better off downloading it though, my software is old school), extra housing (covers, midplate, trackball, keyboard, if needed for parts), T6 screwdriver. Will include the 8G memory card for an extra $10.
    Item location : Saint Paul, MN
    Shipping Details : Free local pickup or $10 Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation. USA ONLY.
    Payment Options : I will discuss it with you, but I'm thinking PayPal for mailing in-country and cash for local transactions.
    Contact Info : Please PM me here or email bode350@live.com ONLY REGARDING THIS PHONE.

    Any additional info:

    I'm trying to pay down my school debts so I can move, hence selling my berry.
    I changed the housing and midplate on the phone - I did not strip the screws . The new housing is scratched from normal use, but the screen is clear of scratches/blemishes. The trackball (white/clear) and keyboard (black/silver) are brand new. The volume button doesn't work for me, but if you took it apart you could probably fix it. (I have my volume at 100 percent when I'm on a call anyways..)

    I had the phone unlocked through T-Mobile, so it works on any GSM carrier (I have also tried this with my brother's AT&T card and it works just fine!).
    I have installed BlingBall, BuzzMe, Facebook, MySpace, Bolt web browser, FMyLife, and an awesome clear theme I found from our very own lordJudass.
    It would be a great backup BlackBerry in case something happens to yours, or if you want to switch between them, or if mom and dad don't want to fork over for a brand new berry just yet.

    Besides the physical weirds, this phone works flawlessly and I'll be sad to see it go. I will upload pictures right away this evening when I get home from work of everything!

    Good luck, and thank you in advance.
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    Thank you for looking, but this item has been sold. I appreciate your time CB kids
    04-08-09 07:37 PM