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    Item Description : Unlocked Blacked Out Blackberry Bold
    Price : $450 (includes priority shipping)
    Rate it : 9.5/10
    What it comes with : Unlocked Bold, Box, OEM Leather case, OEM home charger, OEM usb, OEM headphones, OEM Charging Pod, Leather Horizontal case, Red Crystal Hard Case, Black bezel (installed), Black/White Keypad (installed), Silver bezel, black side buttons (installed), silver side buttons, Black/Red keypad, Black G1 trackball (installed), screen protector (installed)
    Item location : Southern California, USA
    Shipping Details : Shipping is included to US but can overnight if buyer request/pays
    Payment Options : Paypal or Cash for local deal
    Contact Info : PM

    Any additional info: This is my personal Bold that I have been using on T-mobile for about a month. It has all the blacked out parts installed. This is boxed up and ready to ship. I have a link with feedback if you are interested. Thanks


    03-25-09 11:02 PM
  2. devo6786's Avatar
    wanna trade for an 8900 ? :-)
    03-26-09 12:57 AM
  3. procter256's Avatar
    iPhone 3g 8gb trade?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-26-09 01:14 AM
  4. devo6786's Avatar
    meeting tonight to trade :-)
    03-26-09 11:12 AM
  5. dasupaman23's Avatar
    Yes trade pending with devo.

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    03-26-09 11:24 AM
  6. dasupaman23's Avatar
    Phone is gone. Mods please close.
    03-26-09 10:10 PM