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    Item Description : WTS Unlocked Blackberry Storm2 9550
    Price : $300 USD (or best offer)
    Rate it : 9.75/10 Perfect/Near Mint Condition
    What it comes with : Car charger, wall charger, USB cord, 16gb memory card, extra battery (extended life battery), holster, case, and original packaging.
    Item location : Mechanicsville, VA
    Shipping Details : I will pay UPS/FedEx/USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal
    Contact Info : VThokie78@comcast.net or VTshorty78@comcast.net

    Any additional info: This Unlocked Blackberry Storm2 9550 is in perfect condition. I can't call it Mint since I have used it, but it looks like Mint to me. There are no scratches, no blemishes, nothing! It looks perfect. It has had a Phantom Skinz on it since day 1 and has been in a case since day 1. I am the type of person who likes his stuff looking good, so I take care of my possessions. It looks AMAZING and like it did the day I purchased it at VZW. It has a clean ESN and you will definitely not have any problems with activation. You will not be disappointed at all. I purchased an extra battery a month ago due to traveling, so I included that as well as the 16gb memory card and chargers and all the other good stuff! Just let me know if you have any questions.
    09-19-10 08:36 PM
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    Typo: meant $275 OBO. Hey, it was late last night when I posted!
    09-20-10 05:37 PM