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    YES!! CrackBerry Nation, you heard it here first. I am back already with another fantastic deal for ONE lucky member. Yep, step right up and get your Complete Storm Kit without having to buy a bunch of pesky extra accessories - they're all included!! Here we go!

    Items: BB Storm 9530 - Verizon Branded, Unlocked
    - OEM Battery
    - OEM Charger
    - SECOND OEM Charger
    - OEM USB Cable
    - Desktop Charger/Stand with slot for additional battery (pictured)
    - Chrome / Black VZW Hard Case
    - Leather Belt Holster (VZW Brand)
    Condition: 10/10 (Not a single mark)
    Price: $250
    Shipping: Plus Insurance - Included
    Location: Los Angeles
    Payment: PayPal
    Contact: email or PM
    References: Please see Marketplace feedback forum (here on CB) or eBay username ekeller

    I'm out of things to say. Really. I've said so much about the Bold I had for sale that my creativity is gone for the moment. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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    06-20-09 08:38 PM
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    All PMs replied to. Thanks CB Nation!
    06-21-09 08:23 PM
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    This Storm is Sold! Thanks Corey.

    Mods, you can close this thread at your leisure; CB, thanks for the space once again!
    06-21-09 09:26 PM
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    Argh! I was just about to offer also!

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    06-21-09 11:14 PM
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    Aww...I was interested in this deal too!

    Congrats on the quick sale!
    06-21-09 11:51 PM
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    Thanks, guys! If I have another deal, it'll be posted. I might actually be out of berrys for the time being, however.

    Well.....now that could never REALLY be the case, could it? I do have a Bold I'm about to post that needs a bit of TLC - meaning it needs a new screen. As soon as I come up with a clever ad, up it goes!!

    Thanks again all, and better luck next time for those who didn't make this deal!
    06-22-09 12:14 AM