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    Item: Unlocked BlackBerry Storm 9530 (GSM/CDMA)
    Price: $325 USD
    Location: Southern California
    Condition: 9.5/10
    Payment: PayPal
    Shipping: FREE UPS Next Day Air (insurance included)
    Int'l Shipping: Contact me
    Why: Because I'm a nice guy
    Contact: eric@eak.net (preferred), PM, or PIN

    Good evening, all! I just can't bear to see a weekend go by without posting another stellar sale for the CB nation. Honestly.

    Up for grabs is a beautiful BB Storm. The unit is unlocked, so it can be used on AT&T, T-Mobile, and just about any other GSM carrier in the world. If you're looking at this post then you probably know what the Storm is, what it can do, and why you want it.

    You can buy this unit with absolute confidence that you will get exactly what is described and will be satisfied with your purchase. I have very good feedback from a lot of great people (check the feedback forum), as well as 400+ positive feedback results on eBay. Feel free to ask me for other references if you wish. Basically I'm not done until both you and I are satisfied with the transaction.

    This storm is in near-mint condition, check the photos below. As for imperfections, I can only find 2 in an exhaustive search. The top has a light mark which is less than 1/2", just to the left of the BlackBerry logo. I have included a photo of the area for your reference. The screen has a hairline mark in the area outside the LCD (the black border), but it is impossible to see with a screen protector on, and although I'm a pretty good photographer, I couldn't get it to show up - it's that light. I am all about full disclosure though, because I want you to know exactly what you're getting; no surprises here.

    The OEM box, charger, manuals, CD, and USB cable are included in the sale. If you really want I can take a photo of them, but I think that would just take away from the beauty of the device.

    If you have any other questions or need my PayPal address, just let me know via the above contact information. Or you can post here in the Forum thread and I will get a notification; your choice. I look forward to doing business with you.


    04-03-09 10:52 PM
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    Wow, that was fast! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest, it is much appreciated. This Storm is now SOLD, thanks to the CB Nation!

    Mods, feel free to lock down this thread if you have a chance.
    04-04-09 02:11 AM
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    That was quick one Eric! Thread closed
    04-04-09 02:25 AM