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    Item Description: Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9700 (T-Mobile)

    Price: $370US shipped to Canada & USA

    Rate it: 8.5/10

    What it comes with: Box & packaging, phone, battery, wall charger, usb cable, headphones, t-mobile car charger, black leather holster.

    Item location : Ontario, Canada

    Shipping Details: Included in price for standard shipping w/tracking via Canada Post, if you want faster shipping you will have to pay the difference. International shipping is also a bit extra.

    Payment Options: Paypal only please

    Contact Info: PM, reply here, or preferably email me at: di_roz@hotmail.com

    Additional Info:
    The condition of this phone is about 8.5/10 with minor marks on the screen, and silver bezel from normal wear and tear (nothing major). There are absolutely no issues with this phone, everything works 100%. You can check out my feedback in the marketplace feedback forum or on Ebay as well under "rozzy9". Email me with any questions, thanks.
    05-28-10 11:53 AM
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    I'm open to reasonable offers.
    05-28-10 04:46 PM
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    !PRICE DROP! $360US Shipped.
    05-30-10 03:48 PM
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    $360US shipped or best offer. Email me if you are interested.
    06-01-10 09:48 AM
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    !PRICE DROP! $340US shipped!
    06-03-10 04:14 PM
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    $340US shipped, includes shipping to Canada or to the USA. Check out my feedback, that's in my signature.
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    06-03-10 10:56 PM
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    Cvare to do some trading?

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    06-04-10 08:46 AM
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    Cvare to do some trading?

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    PM or email me with what you had in mind.
    06-04-10 09:49 AM
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    rozzy..take it easy now lol
    06-04-10 01:55 PM
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    !PRICE DROP! $330US shipped to either Canada or the US. Email me if you're interested.

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    06-05-10 02:11 AM
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    Sold locally. Mods please close.
    06-06-10 01:46 PM