10-11-10 02:40 PM
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  1. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    Item Description : Near mint condition bold 9700. Unlocked, but T-Mobile branded. Please note: 3G works on T-Mobile only, with At&t supports 2G. This item has been cleaned, checked and all functions are working properly. There is absolutely NO CONTRACT involved.
    Price : $340
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : 2GB Micro SD, Blackberry charger, UNOPENED blackberry headset, UNUSED T-Mobile sim card, Blackberry Holster, Original Box, USB cable, All CDs, manuals, etc and 1 Black Gel Skin.
    Item location : New York, USA
    Shipping Details : Your choice of UPS shipping
    Payment Options : PayPal ONLY
    Contact Info : PM me

    Any additional info: Has been completely wiped of all personal information. BIS account was removed already from carrier and can now be used with BIS on AT&T or T-Mobile. (your choice) Capable of running on international GSM networks.
    09-19-10 02:11 PM
  2. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    PRICE DROP! $320. Please PM me ASAP if interested.
    09-20-10 08:20 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    Don't quote me, BUT I believe Wind Mobile in Canada also uses the same 3G frequency as TMobile so those folks could get 3G also. Double check thou!
    09-20-10 08:40 PM
  4. DJDakoo's Avatar
    You're 100% correct pkcable. T-Mobile is 3G compatible with Wind and Mobilicty.

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    09-20-10 09:01 PM
  5. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    I didn't know that, but thanks for the info. Are either of you looking to buy?
    09-20-10 09:27 PM
  6. DJDakoo's Avatar
    Me...but out of my price range haha sorry.
    09-20-10 09:43 PM
  7. berryunlocker's Avatar
    and Videotron as well.

    Supports three 3G/UMTS bands (900/AWS/2100 MHz) and four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
    09-20-10 09:45 PM
  8. Jvaf's Avatar
    If your flexible on the price... PM me we can discuss
    09-20-10 11:48 PM
  9. berryunlocker's Avatar
    How much warranty is left ???
    09-20-10 11:52 PM
  10. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    berryunlocker - I don't know for sure to be honest. I bought it Late March 2010. I assume you mean the limited warranty?

    Jvaf - I sent you a PM.
    09-21-10 08:50 AM
  11. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    FINAL PRICE: $310 ..very, very slightly negotiable.. you must also pay for shipping costs. MUST GO by Friday. Paypal only.. prefer to ship to US or Canada.. Please PM me if interested.
    09-21-10 09:35 PM
  12. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    First potential buyer to PM me within the hour gets 10 dollars off!! phone MUST GO by Friday.. Price is not negotiable. (except the 10 dollars off). Please PM me as soon as possible..
    09-22-10 06:19 PM
  13. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    Not interested but good buy. Bump ....
    09-22-10 09:06 PM
  14. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    thanks for the bump ..unfortunately not many people seem to be interested.
    09-22-10 09:54 PM
  15. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    09-23-10 08:58 AM
  16. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    Approximately 14 hours left to sell! I will NOT sell for less than $300 shipped. Max shipment cost of 20 dollars please. Please be generous if you have the money to help out a little for shipping costs. Let's get this sold!!
    09-23-10 06:27 PM
  17. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    Phone must go today! Please pm!
    09-24-10 12:45 PM
  18. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    2 more hours to buy people... this is it.. if you want it...PM me... otherwise I will have to sell elsewhere because of lack of interest.. that would be a real shame.
    09-24-10 06:28 PM
  19. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    Ok, I have extended the sale until Monday. Please PM me if you are interested. $300 minimum price. Maximum shipping price of $20. Let me know asap. I would really like to get this sold and I'm sure somebody on crackberry can help me out..
    09-25-10 01:27 PM
  20. jytvyj's Avatar
    I have no interest...but 300 is a bit high tbh.

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    09-25-10 01:37 PM
  21. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    What's a good price then??
    09-26-10 09:06 PM
  22. jytvyj's Avatar
    Well for $300, on local criaglist, I usually see some premium accesories such as an otterbox or something...

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    09-27-10 02:25 AM
  23. D2TSHR1439's Avatar
    Definitely. Around here, TMo and AT&T 9700 are listing for about $260.
    09-27-10 09:20 AM
  24. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    I will lower the cost to $280 including shipping. Hopefully this is reasonable enough.. Anybody who is interested please PM me.
    09-27-10 10:15 AM
  25. jytvyj's Avatar
    So not trying to degrade you or anything CrackberryTour...

    but on craiglist, the avg. bold 9700 that looks decent is around 270. the 230 generally come with charging pods, (1) otterbox, several skins, or even extra batteries or sedio ones.
    09-27-10 12:07 PM
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