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    Item Description : Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9650
    Price : $400
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : Everything you'd get if bought in store
    Item location : Chicago
    Shipping Details : Free USPS Shipping
    Payment Options : PayPal or Cash
    Contact Info : PM me

    Additional info: I purchased this phone under the assumption that T-Mobile wouldn't all of a sudden have an "unsupported device" outage, and planned on using both the CDMA and GSM sides of the phone. (It can be done) However, T-Mobile has been farting around and I've just decided to carry 2 phones for now. The phone has never even been used, and I will also include the SPC code for the purchaser, in case you wanted to do any CDMA reprogramming. I have GREAT FEEDBACK, too.

    06-14-10 03:21 PM
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    PM sent. Thanks.
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    06-14-10 06:30 PM