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    Item: Bold 9000; Originally ATT Branded, Unlocked w/unbranded Bezel (not OS)
    Condition: 9.5/10
    Includes: Box + all OEM Accessories; Seidio Extended Battery (3500 mAh); Invisible Shield (screen) - installed; black 8900 trackball
    Price: $400
    Terms: PayPal
    Shipping: USPS Priority Included
    Location: Los Angeles

    Hey All, up for grabs now is a BB Bold. This is my personal unit and has been meticulously cared for. It is in excellent condition, works like a champ. The sale includes the Seidio Extended 3500 mAh Battery and included back door. The OEM battery and leather back door also come with the sale, along with all other OEM accessories.

    I am not positive about the OEM leather holster (I'll have to check the box), but if I don't have that holster, it will come with a side pouch/leather holster which is BlackBerry branded, and IMHO is much nicer than the OEM one. The other holster retails for $40, while the Seidio battery is $65.

    Please feel free to ask any questions here in the forum or via PM/email. Thanks for looking! I've included one photo below, and others can be found at the link: Picasa Web Albums - Eric - 2009-06-13 Bold

    06-13-09 02:20 PM
  2. wiz1events's Avatar
    nice berry
    06-13-09 05:30 PM
  3. user0011's Avatar
    nice berry
    Haaa! Thanks wiz! Yes, it is a nice berry, if I do say so myself.
    06-13-09 06:54 PM
  4. Fidelio_o's Avatar
    Trade? for an Unlocked 8900? 1 week old, With a bunch of apps, themes, etc? If interested shoot me an e-mail at Fid8lio@gmail.com
    06-13-09 07:37 PM
  5. user0011's Avatar
    Trade? for an Unlocked 8900? 1 week old, With a bunch of apps, themes, etc? If interested shoot me an e-mail at Fid8lio@gmail.com
    Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. However I need this to be a cash sale.

    06-13-09 07:51 PM
  6. ThirdAli's Avatar
    I have pm'ed u
    06-14-09 09:49 AM
  7. RLP06's Avatar
    The original holster is HORRIBLE, I'm glad they give you the slip case here in the UK with Vodafone...
    06-14-09 12:29 PM
  8. nfrederick's Avatar
    Trade for a BNIB Blackbery 8900?

    Just read that this needs to be a cash sale, sorry.
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    06-15-09 07:24 AM
  9. user0011's Avatar
    No problem, thanks for the offer. BTW, I did find the OEM holster, and I would be willing to separate the extended battery from the phone; make an offer on one or the other if you feel like it.

    06-15-09 05:10 PM
  10. ThirdAli's Avatar
    still available?

    please check ur pm
    06-17-09 12:52 AM
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    Hey TA, thanks for the PM and nudge on the forum. I apologize for the delayed responses; since I'm not currently on a berry, I feel like I'm out of touch with the world!

    I have a deal pending, but if it does not go through I will let you know ASAP.

    06-17-09 09:52 AM
  12. user0011's Avatar
    Yep, sold - Mods, you can lock down this thread.

    To those who contacted me about it and didn't get the deal, I have one more (I think it's brand new) to post. I'm hoping to get it up tonight, and will try to let y'all know when it's up.

    Thanks everyone for the great support! I love this community.

    06-18-09 06:37 PM