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    Item Description : WTS Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000 3G/WiFi
    Price : $135.00 USD or your best offer.
    Rate it : 7.5/10 cause of normal usage.
    What it comes with : Phone, Home & Car Charger, 2GB Card, blue and black rubber skin.
    Item location : Des Moines/Johnston, IA
    Shipping Details : Buyer pays USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal or cash in person(if local)
    Contact Info : jerry dot lilly at gmail dot com or PIN @ 230999D1

    Any additional info: The item is AT&T branded(but unlocked to any GSM) and loaded with .900. The phone has normal usage signs. Never been dropped and no deep scratches on the device anywhere. This phone was owned and operated by my wife.

    I will say the trackball probably does need replacing. It works just fine, except you have to press harder than normal to get it to click. I'm not talking like pressing the phone in half or anything, just that it is firmer than normal.

    The phone has been good to her and now that she has upgraded, we are wanting to sell this baby!

    I have feedback on Crackberry. Just go to my profile and search all of my posts. You will find that they are 100% positive. My ebay account - ibeatducati77 is also 112 ratings at 100%. So, when dealing with me, buy with confidence and pleasure.

    Thanks for looking. Have a awesome day!
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    01-04-11 06:12 AM
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    Price lowered to 135.00 which will include shipping.

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    01-05-11 09:45 AM
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    01-05-11 11:21 AM
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    Yeah, my bad, totally forgot about that. Was in a rush this AM. Original price was 150.00 folks!

    01-05-11 11:49 AM
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    I only post this because I got burned from a bad seller who edited, I mean erased the first post once there was a complaint against him. Just don't want to see you potentially go through the same.
    01-05-11 02:07 PM
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    125 w/shipping included for domestic shipping.

    135 w/shipping to Canada via USPS.

    I need to sell this ASAP! Let's do business!

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    01-07-11 11:12 PM
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    Ok, I just need to sell. 100 shipped to us or canada.

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    01-11-11 05:49 PM
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    This device has been sold.

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    01-11-11 08:12 PM
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    you got anymore?
    01-17-11 09:53 AM