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    Item: Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000 + a pile of toys!
    Condition: 9/10
    Location: Southern California
    Shipping: Free in CONUS, varies elsewhere
    Accessories: Four extra bezels, extra keyboard (one red and one white numbers), an OtterBox Defender case and holster, Seidio crystal case and holster, silicone skin case, another crystal clear case, leather hip case (OEM BB), smooth black back (as well as the OEM leather back), charger, and a partridge in a pear tree. Enough to keep you occupied for a while!
    Price for the package: 300 USD
    Terms: PayPal
    References: Absolutely stellar, check the forum!

    Hi all, I have the Ultimate Bold Package here and it can be yours for a song. Considering the cost of the pieced-out components alone, the price is an absolute bargain. However I digress!

    Blacked-out Rogers Bold 9000, fantastic condition (see the photos). The extras are self-explanatory since if you want them you certainly know what you are doing in the realm of BB. Also, it's worth pointing out that if you're looking for a BB but not looking to pay AT&T for a BB plan, this is a Rogers-branded Bold. Works with all AT&T services (including 3G frequencies), but AT&T has no idea what the IMEI is, so you can pay for a Media Net plan ($10-15/mo) and have all the web access you want. Of course you get BIS if you pay for a BB plan, that's a decision you get to make.

    Anyway, if you have further questions please ask! I'm happy to answer one and all. Thanks for looking.

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    02-21-10 03:17 PM
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    Eric! how much would you let this go with phone and charger only?
    02-21-10 06:35 PM
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    Hey Kevin, shoot me an offer to eric@eak.net or pin:21569EA9.

    I hope your pod got there by now, if not it will be soon.

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    02-21-10 06:49 PM
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    Emailed you.
    02-21-10 07:02 PM
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    Hey all, thanks for all the offers. Phone is temporarily off the market with a "wardrobe malfunction", soon to return. However, the accessories are up for grabs. The OtterBox is sold, but it's best offer on everything else. Hit me up via PIN or email if you're interested. Thanks!

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    02-22-10 09:16 AM