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    Item Description: WTS AT&T White Blackberry 9810 4G
    Price: $390.00
    Rate It: 9/10- 1 month old
    What it comes with: charger, headphones
    Item Location: Valparaiso, IN
    Shipping Detail: Seller Pays/
    Payment Options: Paypal or Local Pickup
    Contact Info: trustierchuk@gmail.com

    It has three nicks in the paint, one under the trackpad, and the others are on the left and right edge of the screen (the paint not the screen) I'm leaving AT&T.
    09-30-11 08:58 AM
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    I am adding pictues but i am on my galaxy and dont know how to
    09-30-11 12:36 PM
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    Here are the pics, that is all you can pay with paypal!
    09-30-11 01:43 PM