1. Garz's Avatar
    Item Description : At&t White 32GB iPhone 4
    Price : $475
    Rate it : 9.5/10
    What it comes with : Original box, brand new OEM earphones, data cord, & wall adapter
    Item location : Las Vegas, NV
    Shipping Details : Fedex or UPS included. Whatever works to be cheaper for me.
    Payment Options : Paypal(pay as gift or you pay the fee since I am including shipping)
    Contact Info : garz76@gmail dot com

    Any additional info: Its under warranty until May 2012 with Apple. This is in excellent shape. No scratches anywhere. Its running iOS 5.0 and the UDID is registered for developer so you can run betas in the future. I will sell this until 3pm PST on Friday 10/21 or I will have to wait until next week. Going on vacation.

    I have perfect feedback on CB. Sold on here many times

    10-20-11 12:26 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    10-20-11 12:31 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Very trustworthy, ex mod! He keeps his devices in excellent condition.
    10-20-11 09:31 PM
  4. MRCUR's Avatar
    If you're looking for an iPhone 4 in the same condition that it came out of the box, Garz is your guy. Highly recommend!

    Good luck with the sale.
    10-21-11 08:41 AM
  5. Garz's Avatar
    ok leaving town in just a bit until Tues. Cant sell it until then or ship. If anybody is interested, feel free to email still.

    ***New Price $450**
    10-21-11 03:45 PM
  6. tonkscullen's Avatar
    Would you be interested in trading?? I have a Blackberry 9810 on AT&T. Its got a couple of cosmetic scratches, but the screen and keyboard is in perfect condition. It isn't unlocked, but I can unlock it if need be.

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    10-22-11 10:34 AM
  7. tonkscullen's Avatar
    Also, I can throw in the box it came in, the accessories it came with, a silicone case for that model, and a crocheted hat?? Haha. Or a scarf. Or mittens. Whichever

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    10-22-11 10:37 AM
  8. Garz's Avatar
    Not interested in any trades
    10-22-11 10:44 AM
  9. Garz's Avatar
    Back from vacation. Ok to sell again.

    ***New Price $440***
    10-26-11 08:59 AM
  10. droidX1991's Avatar
    Pm sent.

    10-26-11 11:01 AM
  11. Garz's Avatar
    Sale pending payment from ogxku5h
    10-26-11 11:49 AM
  12. droidX1991's Avatar
    First payment sent.
    10-26-11 04:29 PM
  13. Garz's Avatar
    First payment sent.
    10-26-11 04:37 PM
  14. droidX1991's Avatar
    Rest has been sent. Waiting for shipping info.
    10-26-11 06:58 PM
  15. Garz's Avatar
    Payment all in. Buyer will have shipping info tomorrow. Easy transaction!

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    10-26-11 08:11 PM
  16. Duvi's Avatar
    Locked :-)

    Sent from my 3G iPad 2 using Tapatalk
    10-26-11 11:55 PM