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    Item Description: 3 month old AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800
    Price: $259
    Rate it: 8/10
    What it comes with: Box, All documentation, CDs, Leather Holster, Three MicroUSB cables, Two wall chargers, headphones, two polishing clothes, 4GB and 8GB MicrosD card, special CrackBerry Coveroo
    Item location: Phoenix, Arizona
    Shipping Details; Buyer pays, USPS Priority Mail Insured (2-3 days, $13), or UPS Ground.
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Contact Info: donald.k@me.com

    The 411:

    Just two and a half months after I sold my iPhone 4, my company decided to consolidate us from "BlackBerry admins" to "MDA"s or Mobile Device Admins, and I get to admin iOS devices now, meaning I need to get an iPhone and of course my company isn't going to pay my full cost.

    Anyway, as for the device, it has 3 little nicks on it, one on the left corner of the bezel, and two on the bottom of the top bezel, which are from a few drops from about 7 inches to the edge of a hardwood conference table, hence the 8 out of 10.

    No water damage, and never opened, the device as of now is currently locked but if the seller wishes, I will pay for an unlock code and unlock the device for them at no additional cost. I can also help with basic setup for APNs and Service Books for those on T-Mobile who may wish to buy this device, but per usual, please be aware you will not get 3G on this device, just EDGE.

    As for accessories, as listed above, I buy backups of pretty much everything, either to put in a suitcase should I forget one at home, or should one fail, so you get two chargers, three cables, headphones, two MicroSD cards (both SanDisk, one 4GB and one 8GB) an OEM leather holster (geniune, not fake. Hah!) and my custom ordered CrackBerry Coveroo. Along with all the documentation, box, etc. I'll also include two chinese made plastic polycarbonate cases, one in black, one in orange.

    I'm going to leave this listing up for 3-5 days at this lower price, to give my fellow CBers a chance at it before I put it up on eBay. All together, retail, all the extras are about $65-$75, and I paid $399 full price for this in April.

    US Only. Upon cleared payment through PayPal, I'll generate a USPS or UPS tracking number and send it to the buyer, this will be shipped insured if sent via USPS, and so please be forewarned that the USPS will occasionally require signature upon delivery for insured parcels. Plan accordingly to be home or have time to stop by the Post Office to sign and pick up the package.

    A quick public service announcement: While I don't have any Marketplace feedback, I've been here on CB for quite a long while, my passion is BlackBerry, but I also need to keep the lights on (and my phone paid!) and therefore, if works calls, I need to follow my orders.

    I know you guys here at CrackBerry are plenty smart, I've been here long enough to know, so please, have respect for fellow members and don't try any scammy tactics or "you ship first!" tactics. A clean, sane, respectable transaction is all I'm here for, I'm here to do CB members a favour. Thank you.


    06-14-11 08:41 AM
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    I can vouch for Donald.
    06-14-11 09:40 AM
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    I can vouch for Donald.
    Another big thanks PK.
    06-14-11 09:51 AM
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    Transaction Pending.

    An exception has been made and a postal money order is pending. I will update the status of this listing once the money order has been received, presented to my bank and confirmed genuine and is cleared for payment.
    06-20-11 05:13 PM
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    Sounds good Let us know when to close the thread
    06-20-11 10:28 PM
  6. xDAKx's Avatar
    Sounds good Let us know when to close the thread
    Scratch that. The offer fell through, apparently the prospective buyer found a PlayBook "on sale" and bought that "instead", sounds a bit fishy, but oh well. Sorry for the false alarm!
    06-21-11 03:45 AM
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    PM sent.
    06-21-11 06:59 AM
  8. jrdnlc's Avatar
    E-mail Sent.
    06-22-11 03:48 PM
  9. xDAKx's Avatar
    Trade Offer Pending.

    An offer has been made, and is currently pending, per last time, I'll update the thread as needed.
    06-22-11 04:13 PM
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    Item Sold. Sold to a local buyer.

    Let's close 'er up please!
    06-26-11 03:59 PM