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    Item Description : WTS AT&T Bold 9700
    Price : $350 USD
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Everything in the box (Box Included), Seidio Innocase II case and holster combo, Seidio Holster, and Desktop charger.
    Item location : SOLD
    Shipping Details : Local Pick-up
    Payment Options : PayPal or Cash for Local Pick-up
    Contact Info : PM
    Any additional info: The item is AT&T branded and loaded with the most recent leaked OS. Minor/Normal wear and tear along the chrome and glossy finish of the phone (see pics). Price is negotiable. Prefer local pick-up in NJ and some parts of NY. The phone has been used for about a month and it is in really good condition. Send me some offers (please no low-ball offers; you are getting over $100 worth of accessories in this deal). Thanks.


    Phone is still available. Local pick-up takes precedence over orders that require shipping. I've decided I will NOT ship this phone internationally so please don't bother asking. A few things:

    1 - After close examination of the phone, there are two very slight superficial scratches on the upper left portion of the screen.
    They can only be seen in direct light and are not visible at all with the backlight on.

    2 - I like to think I'm pretty good at getting back to people. However, I work midnights and go to school during the day. So
    please do not expect a response from me via email or PM between 1pm and 9pm as I am sleeping. With that, there was an
    influx of emails this morning and I may have lost track of who I responded to. Let me know if you haven't received a
    response from me.

    3 - I am pretty firm on the price. No, the phone is not in perfect condition. However, it is still under warranty and comes with
    accessories that are pretty valuable. So $350 including overnight shipping stands.

    4 - Since I would rather do a local deal, I am in no rush to sell this phone. If need be, I will eventually resort to shipping.
    When sending me an email, please include your location. Also, please comment on this post with a link to your feedback.
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    02-03-10 01:12 AM
  2. aseretis@verizon.net's Avatar
    02-03-10 01:16 AM
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    Is there any scratch on the screen?

    Will you go for 300 included shipping with tracking number to Bangkok, Thailand? Will pay via Paypal...
    02-03-10 05:33 AM
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    No, thanks.

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    02-03-10 07:08 AM
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    I'll take it, are you able to ship it to canada with usps tracking? Thanks.
    02-03-10 07:55 AM
  6. rozzy9's Avatar
    Email sent...
    02-03-10 08:02 AM
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    does it have any scratch on the screen?
    02-03-10 02:41 PM
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    PM'd you and sent you am e-mail.

    Please let me know either way

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    02-03-10 05:49 PM
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    Post updated. See above. Thanks
    02-03-10 08:00 PM
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    Sold. Lock it up
    02-03-10 11:34 PM