03-28-09 08:31 PM
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    @ skylock

    First off I never said that paying less meant bad service, I was just saying that he should be grateful to even get a blackberry 8320 for $60 in the first place. You might have had bad experiences in the past with sellers but calling Josh a bad seller is unjustified and simply incorrect. He had a very bad car accident and I'm sure he is trying his hardest to ship the phones out. You also have never had any experience in dealing with him, or any experience in dealing with people on crackberry in general. You have been a part of this forum for two months now with 25 posts and you're posting calling people bad sellers based on no evidence or facts besides a few neutral feedbacks. We'll see what the results are but I bet that both txladi and I will receive our phones shortly and that we will be very pleased. You have a lot of nerve coming into this thread badmouthing sellers for no reason.
    Ben, At this point I am not saying Josh is a scammer. But you can think of it like this, if you saw a man running from a liquor store, it does not mean he just robbed it, but what would you be thinking?

    I do not need personal experience dealing with a seller to recognize a developing pattern.

    I am sure Josh is a nice guy, but, and as someone in law enforcement he has to know, a pattern is beginning to emerge.
    03-28-09 06:39 PM
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    did you not see the pictures of the car? give him abreak
    03-28-09 06:45 PM
  3. cruciaL's Avatar
    I've dealt with Josh, haven't exactly made an official deal but my questions were answered.

    And besides, this is a deal betweeb them two, when did it become anyone else's business?
    Trolls nowadays huh.
    Just need somethin to bash on.

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    03-28-09 06:51 PM
  4. txladi29's Avatar
    I don't appreciate the fact that you all feel it necessary to attack me, over asking for a tracking number 4 days after being told that the item shipped, or letting Josh know he could refund the money if the deal was too much trouble under the NEW circumstances he was facing.

    I never called Josh a scammer. NEVER!

    I told him on 3/20 that it wasn't a rush to ship the $60 phone.

    I was never MAD. I was frustrated at the lack of response to my attempt at contact.

    Everyone is concerned about the cost of the phone....well, if you had read, the phone is going to need some work before it 100% usuable -which I know and have no problems with.

    Yes, it's a good deal, that need some work.

    I may be "newer" to the forums than Josh, but I'm no scammer and I'm no way giving Josh a hard time.

    I realize he was in an accident. It was horrible to look at his vehicle and to know that he was injured.

    My request was only because he stated he shipped the item on Monday via overnight shipping.

    Should I have been looking for it? Calling fedex? Filing a claim?
    Was Josh jurt worse and did anyone know?

    Put yourself in my shoes...What would you do in the same situation?
    Wait 1 or 2 or 3 weeks before saying something?
    I did try to communicate with him (thought I did not make my communication effforts visible to everyone.) I don't feel it necessary to get everyone involved simply because of the badmouthing and attacking that results.

    I attempted to find out if he was ok though another associate of his eakeller, privately, before posting.

    If anyone wants to look on ebay at my feedback (txladi29) you will see that I too am a good seller (and buyer) with only good comments.

    know that while I don't buy and sell blackberries for a living or on the side, that does NOT make me a bad person and I don't feel that I deserve the attacks that you have all dished out.

    Crucial, bbholoway, and skylock, and Josh...I appreciate your neutral comments.

    Josh and I have settled this and I would appreciate it if the matter dropped.
    03-28-09 08:31 PM
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