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    I am switching phones again, I've had this phone for a few weeks only, everything is perfect other than a small scratch in the top right corner of the chrome, I was sitting on my fireplace and was not paying attention and sat it down the wrong way, ouch! Here is what is included:

    I never had problems with this Tour such as the trackball, resets, or battery issues. This Tour was the "perfect" one. But I am switching carriers.

    Oh and by the way I just took my Invisible Shield off of the screen and "tried" to put it on my husband's phone, did not work so I trashed it.

    The box

    Manuals, still sealed

    Two home chargers both sealed

    Two headsets both sealed

    Two USB cables both sealed

    A case still sealed

    3 batteries two still brand new

    3 memory cards

    Battery door (Verizon one) it does not scratch like the sprint one

    1 silicone case from Crackberry.com

    I am sure I have other extras and as I find them I will throw them in!

    Asking $320

    If you want more pictures I can get them let me know

    By the way this is not refurbished and the ESN is clear
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    would you be interested in a trade?
    11-15-09 12:57 AM
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    Sorry, I already sold it
    11-15-09 12:22 PM