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    Item Description:

    WTS Graphite Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 with Otterbox case, 16GB micro SD card, blue skin, Seidio extended battery, Madden 2009, Oregon Trail, Age of Empires, 2 themes


    $275.00 or best offer

    Rate It:

    9/10 (bought new, screen is great, no scratches, all accessories were purchased NEW, all less than 6 months old)

    What it comes with:

    Phone in orig box with ALL accessories that came with it.
    4 new screen protectors (sticker says for Blackberry 8300 series)
    16gb micro SD card with USB adapter
    Otterbox case (black...along with full screen plastic that hasn't been installed)
    Blue gel skin
    Extended battery 1500 mah (purchased new from CB.com)
    Madden 09 (purchased but don't know how to transfer license)
    Age of Empires (purchased but don't know how to transfer license)
    Oregon Trail (purchased but don't know how to transfer license)
    2 Themes (purchased but don't know how to transfer license) details to follow

    Item Location:

    Minneapolis, MN 55428

    Shipping Details:

    Free shipping via Fed Ex if item sells for more than $200.00. If not, flat rate of $8.00 for Fed Ex ground.

    Payment Options:

    paypal only please.

    Contact info:

    darylloarfin at yahoo.com

    Additional info:

    This item was purchased new by me. Not a refurbished phone. I purchased all accessories new. I purchased the phone around November 15th, 2008. I have since moved back to WM device.

    I can help verify that the ESN is free and clear. I guarantee the sale of a clean ESN.

    Box is included but not shown in pictures. Box has UPC affixed.

    I can, at the buyers request, restore phone to factory settings. Phone has OS 4.5 installed. I can also leave the phone as is for the buyer (minus personal contacts and email.

    Please email me with questions. Thanks.
    03-02-09 01:29 PM
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    Thread ended. Item is now up on ebay (lower price).

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    03-04-09 01:11 PM