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    Item Description : Storm 2 9550 Verizon
    Price : $315.00
    Rate it : 9.5/10 Only because it is used.
    What it comes with : Everything that came with it when I bought it new from VZW plus four cases.
    Item location : Ooltewah, TN
    Shipping Details : I will ship next day air UPS for free!Attachment 50724

    Attachment 50725

    Attachment 50726
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : wes.mcnabb@hotmail.com
    Additional info: This phone has the leak installed and works great. I am only selling it because I just recieved a company BB. I have two black leather cases with the Chrome BB logo on them and a black silicone case that will go with the phone. I would also consider a trade for a NIB Tour or curve 2, possibly plus cash.

    I will only deal with people that live in the US only.....Sorry
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    Price dropped to $315.00........
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    No Canada?
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    Mods, please close. SOLD
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