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    No longer have a PlayBook. Just got it in the mail today. Description says it work as a stand. Room for gesture swipes.

    Brand new generic case.
    Durable,high quality smooth synthetic leather case.
    Heavy duty stitching.
    Custom made to fit your Playbook perfectly.
    Easy installation, just dress on your Playbook without any tools.
    Plug your charger, headset or cable without removing the case.
    Prevents damage to your Playbook from objects in your pockets or purse.

    $13 shipped US Paypal confirmed shipping address.

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    05-20-11 12:27 PM
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    Price drop.
    05-21-11 01:10 PM
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    Unavailable. Going to try to return it.
    05-23-11 04:56 AM
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    Closing it up.
    05-23-11 07:38 AM