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    Item Description : 16gb playbook in flawless condition. no scratches on the screen or the case. I am selling it because I have another playbook that is updated to 2.0.1 and it would be a waste to update this one since you can't root anymore
    Price : 225 shipped
    Condition : almost new condition
    Includes : playbook, sleeve, charger, microusb cable, documentation
    Item Location : loma linda, ca
    Shipping Details : priority mail with tracking/insurance
    Payment Options : paypal only
    Contact Info : please email me at ong.brian(at)gmail.com or PM
    Additional Info: I have put a dummy account on here since if the device is security wiped it will auto update. I will provide the login details upon sale. The accessories are unused. I do not have the box.

    just showing my new unrooted playbook with the rooted playbook

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    04-27-12 01:18 AM
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    price drop 215 shipped
    05-04-12 05:29 AM
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    Just picked one up for $150....new....you may want to reconsider.

    Just sayin'....
    05-04-12 05:32 AM
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    The big difference is this is rooted and newer ones cannot be. Price dropped to $200 shipped
    05-08-12 02:35 PM
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    bumping it up
    05-13-12 04:01 AM
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    Price drop to $180 + actual cost of shipping/insurance.
    05-15-12 03:52 PM
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    guess i underestimated the demand for rooted playbooks. Last bump before craigslist
    05-20-12 08:24 PM
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    sold please lock
    05-22-12 05:18 AM