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    Item Description: Like new Verizon HTC Droid Incredible
    Price: $300 + $12 Shipping
    Rate It: 9/10
    What it comes with: Device & OEM Battery, Original Box (minus UPC for rebate), Charger/USB cord, Black glossy silicone case, Black Pocket pouch, 1500mAh HTC OEM spare battery, Seidio spare battery charger (with USB cord that also can charge the device simultaneously), Micro-USB Audio/Video cables for connecting it to a TV, 8GB SD card can also be included
    Item Location: KS
    Shipping Details: USPS Medium Flat Rate Box with Insurance and Signature Confirmation
    Payment Options: PayPal ONLY (sent as a gift or you pay the fees)
    Contact Info: jayhawkfan18[at]gmail[dot]com
    Additional Info:

    This is an Incredible with AMOLED screen. The device is rooted running a custom ROM (CM7 Gingerbread 2.3 ROM which comes with a free WiFi hotspot/tether app). The current ROM - CM7 -doesnt support video out but it DOES WORK. I can load any ROM on it that you wish or take it back to stock if needed. With this package deal you are all set up. Battery life isnt an issue as you will always have a fully charged spare available.

    NO Trades. Serious inquiries only please.
    02-20-11 09:15 AM
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    It's $300 OBO so send me some offers

    Also, I've sold 4 phones on this site already. All transactions went smoothly. Some positive feedback in the first thread.


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    02-20-11 09:34 AM
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    Price Drop! $290 including shipping to Continental US.

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    02-22-11 08:36 AM
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    never mind, lol, i re-read the post~
    02-22-11 05:02 PM
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    $275 shipped to Continental US. Final price drop before it goes on eBay.
    02-23-11 11:42 AM
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    Item Sold!

    MODS please lock this up
    02-25-11 04:38 PM