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    Had it for a season, decided it's not for me.

    Item Description: Essentially it's a hands free kit that enables you to make/receive phonecalls with your helmet on while you're on your bike. Voice activated and handlebar remote control. It has a built in FM receiver so it will pipe in radio music to your helmet, as well as stereo bluetooth AND it will directly plug in to your phone or ipod if you want to listen to music that way as well. The remote control on the handlebar has music track search/phone contact search/volume control.

    Rating: 7/10 It's in great condition except:
    1) The insulation on one of the helmet speaker wires is worn off a bit when I was running the wires through my helmet. Wire is still perfectly intact. Photo of wire to follow.
    2) The 'power' insignia on the hands free unit is starting to rub away from my turning it on/off with my leather glove.

    What it comes with: Everything it's supposed to, including original packaging and manual
    Price: Retails for $150-$200. Selling for $100 plus shipping (probably $7).
    Payment: Will accept paypal or money order.
    Shipping: USPS or Fedex
    Item Location: East Norriton, PA
    Contact: mike.tempesta@gmail.com (Mikestorm5 on ebay with 160 rating and 100% positive feedback)

    Additional Info:

    Detailed Review: Review: Parrot SK4000 - Wireless Communications and Music for Motorcycles from Bikes in the Fast Lane - Daily Motorcycle News

    Actual photos:

    Stock photos:

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