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    I deletdd this post cause ive sold the phone
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    05-03-11 10:56 PM
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    Sorry for the two posts, but I had to add more information.

    Location: Bellingham, Washington

    More specs: Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)
    Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels
    3.1" diagonal

    CDMA 850 / 1900
    GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
    WCDMA 850 / 1900 / 2100

    Browser Software: Android browser (WebKit-based)
    with Flash Player 10.1

    Resolution: 5+ megapixel
    auto-focus, dual-LED flash
    DLNA Yes Streaming Video YouTube Video Capture 480p resolution at 30 fps
    05-04-11 01:53 AM
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    05-04-11 11:04 AM
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    Phone is still for sale!
    05-06-11 05:58 PM
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    I hate to tell you, but unless they've figured something out in the past month or so, it isn't TMo or AT&T compatible. The Droid Pro detects what country you're in, and if you're in the USA country code, it defaults to CDMA only (and it doesn't look like that can be changed, even after rooting it).
    05-06-11 09:00 PM
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    and you should be reminded that you are selling the phone, not auctioning it.

    so please keep a fixed price and do not keep increasing it
    05-08-11 09:07 AM
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    would you take $100 for it?

    You say it's in good condition?
    05-19-11 02:48 PM
  8. rollingrock1988's Avatar
    why selling it?
    05-19-11 02:49 PM
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