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    Hey guys, I'm getting up the money for my Samsung Vibrant . So I'm selling my mt3g.

    I'm including pics of the phone because that's the most important thing . The clear snap-on case has a few scuffs and the slide-on case has a scuff mark, but the rest of the accessories are in awesome condition. If you need pics of the other stuff, feel free to email me.

    Item Description :It's in near flawless condition; there's a tiny chip in the glossy coating (not the paint itself) at the bottom, you don't even know it's there unless you're looking for it.

    I've done one modification to it; I took off the little plastic camera cover. Pics are 10x clearer without it, and the actual camera lens is far back enough to not get scratched.

    Price :$200 shipped Continental US (OBO)

    Rate it :9.5/10

    What it comes with :It comes with everything originally included in the box with the exception of the Micro SD card; phone, battery, USB/charger adaptor, headset, carrying bag. The phone has a screen protector on it (I've had one on there since day 1) and another one is included.

    You'll also get these extras; spare Mugen battery, MyTouch car charger, 2 black silicon cases, a silver and black slide-on case, and a clear snap-on case.

    Item location :Cincinnati, OH

    Shipping Details :Priority Mail included, buyer pays for anything else

    Payment Options :PayPal

    Contact Info :email me at ganns1980@gmail.com

    Any additional info:
    Right now it's running Cyanogen 5.07 DS. I found that 5.08 uses too much battery. I can either wipe and leave you with a fresh start on Cyanogen, or I can look into un-rooting it. Just let me know!

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    Sold, please close thread.
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