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    Item Description : MSI X600-096US 15" Notebook w/ external DVD burner
    Price : $500
    Rate it : 10/10 - BRAND NEW (has been opened & turned on)
    What it comes with : All original accessories including external USB DVD burner
    Item location : PA, US
    Shipping Details : US ONLY! FedEx Ground/Home Delivery INCLUDED
    Payment Options : PayPal ONLY! Fees must be paid or money sent as gift
    Contact Info : PM me here or reply to this thread

    Any additional info: This is a brand new MSI super slim 15" notebook which I purchased from Best Buy about a month ago. I've turned it on to make sure it works, but I'm not interested in keeping it. It is indeed very slim and pretty light for its size. The keyboard is full size and includes a num pad. The external DVD burner was included in the box and doesn't require any extra power. Windows 7 Home Premium is installed (never set up), recovery DVDs are included in the box. Here are the specs/info on MSI's website: MSI Notebook Official Website

    Price is somewhat firm but I'm *very* motivated to see this go. Can be shipped on Monday! Feel free to post here or PM me with an offer or any questions. Thanks!
    10-22-10 06:31 PM