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    Item Description : Motorola iC902 Hybrid (CDMA/iDEN)
    Price : $150 OBO
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : original box with manuals, holster, headphones (unopened), a/c adapter and 2 batteries (extended and regular).
    Item location : New Jersey
    Shipping Details : Free shipping to the US via UPS
    Payment Options : Paypal only
    Contact Info: PM me

    I left Sprint/Nextel and no longer need the phone. theres a few scuffs and scratches here and there from putting it in the plastic holster but the phone is in perfect working order. the screen is in mint shape, no scratches on it at all. the ESN is clear and i will go to a Sprint store and have it reflashed prior to shipping.

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    06-16-09 05:38 PM
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    HOLY ****Z are those phones still worth that much? I had a bunch of those that I only got $185.00 a piece for less then a year after they came out. WOW!
    06-16-09 07:26 PM
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    Just looking at the sale ads, could not resist,
    06-16-09 07:28 PM
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    uh yea well thanks for the free bump buddy. and yes, i got the phone a year ago and it was going for $360 or so new. you probably got low balled. i checked other threads on other forums first so i think after one year of use, asking $150 OBO is fair. sprint/nextel has jack for phones. this was the first time i went to a CDMA handset since 2001. quite frankly, i cant stand CDMA devices but this was one amazing phone. and being on Sprint SERO with 1250min/month unlimited everything was a blast for $49.00. so yea being one of 3 or 4 Power source / hybrid phones Sprint had, not to mention its the top model, yea i think its worth what i offered.
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    I paid 360 apiecewhen they first hit the market, so that was the price we all paid I think. I wasnt knocking the price, It's the best phone for iden/ sprint that I ever had! GOOD LUCK, nice ad.
    06-17-09 06:35 AM
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    thanks, and yea i had no problems with it. one durable phone.
    06-17-09 01:36 PM
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    still for sale, $100 OBO.
    06-25-11 08:53 PM
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    $50 OBO, getting married and need this gone!
    07-12-12 04:48 AM
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    still looking to sell this, $40?
    11-25-13 03:04 PM
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    C'mon people, buy this. He's a long time and well respected forum member. I've conducted several deals with him. You won't find a better seller.
    11-26-13 06:51 AM