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    Item Description : Motorola Droid 2
    Price : 299 shipped to your door
    Rate it : 9 out of 10
    What it comes with : Listed in detail below
    Item location : Massachusetts 01106
    Shipping Details : UPS ground
    Payment Options : Paypal or cashhh money
    Contact Info : BrandonSBoyer@gmail.com or pm me on here

    Additional info: Hey CB, I have another phone for sale! This time I am not interested in any trades, as I NEED cash ASAP, like yesterday lol! (which I took into acct with the price I set to try for a quick sale)
    It's a Motorola Droid 2, comes with the oem accessories, and is in great condition. It has been used for a short amount on time, but has been in a case at all times and has a screen protector on at all times as well. I have a new Droid Pro and need this gone ASAP because I have about 8 different bills due last week haha. This also comes with a few extras (Verizon Red snap on case, Verizon clip holster, generic smoked clear snap on case, and 1 Verizon glare free screen protector left from the 3pack).

    I also have a 16gig card I would be willing to sell with/without the phone

    Email will get the fastest response! BrandonSBoyer@gmail.com

    Thanks! And here's the pic from my crappy camera ha

    12-12-10 08:19 PM
  2. D2TSHR1439's Avatar
    Does it have the box too?
    12-12-10 09:14 PM
  3. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Does it have the box too?
    Yes it has the original box if wanted with it!
    email me if you are interested, thanks!
    12-12-10 09:34 PM
  4. bbRedSi's Avatar
    Phone is sold! Thank you!

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    12-13-10 10:33 AM