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    Up for grabs is my 2G iPhone (8GB storage capcity).

    I originally purchased this phone just days before the 3G launch (because the new 3G was supposed to be a "brick house" against unlocking", so I wanted to get one before the supply diminished)... I payed a hefty premium. However, after about two weeks, I decided that I wanted to use a BlackBerry instead of my iPhone. Therefore, this iPhone has experienced extremely light usage. I did not even use it as my iPod because I have tens of gigs of music.

    The iPhone has been in a Zagg Invisible Shield since Day 1. There are no scratches or cracks on the screen or the aluminum shell. It is in pristine condition.

    I am looking to take $270 for this phone, but I am willing to take offers.

    One annoyance that I noticed while I was using it was that the earpiece was a little iffy. I rarely experienced it since I always used a bluetooth headset, or my Apple earphones but there was a slight issue there (with headset/headphones there was no issue). When I looked online, the quick fixes seemed to be simple (I was too hesitant to do them though because they involved using a tiny amount of liquid/poking holes with a paper clip)

    Please note that I will only take PayPal to complete this transaction.

    Contact me at mattgibstein@gmail.com with any questions. I have excellent feedback on eBay. If you would like, send me a message requesting my eBay ID.

    As a bonus, I will be including two white Incase slider cases (valued at $30 each). Notice that one has a tiny crack on the upper left hand side.

    See pictures below.




    Also 3.0 Software is included
    08-03-09 12:06 PM
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    Can it be used on vzw?
    08-04-09 02:00 PM
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    Can it be used on vzw?
    No it unfortunately cannot be used on Verizon. This is because the iphone uses GSM technology as do all of AT&T's phones and T-Mobile's phones. Verizon phones use the CDMA technology except some world phones which can use the GSM technology from carriers other than Verizon.
    08-04-09 05:31 PM
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    Sold. Please close thread.
    08-04-09 07:26 PM