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    Item Description : Mint Cond., Titanium Grey, VZW BB Curve 8330
    Price : $135 OBO
    Rate it : 9.5 (Only b/c I've used it..doesn't have a scratch on it.)
    What it comes with : has had Zagg Screen protector on since opened, 2 black silicon cases (1 BB branded/1 other), 2 batteries, 2 battery doors, USB cable, wall charger, BB headphones, OEM sleeve, spare BLACK trackball and ring.
    Item location : Long Island, New York
    Shipping Details : Buyer pays shipping.
    Payment Options : Paypal - buyer pays fees or $ sent as gift.
    Contact Info : PM me or post below.

    Any additional info: Will post pics ASAP to verify mint condition. I acquired this BB Curve 8330 and took really good care of it before upgrading shortly thereafter to a BB Tour 9630. It has been sitting around and I have no use for it. Please let me know if you're interested, thanks!
    10-25-10 07:57 AM
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    Posting some pics to verify condition/model, etc. A couple of the pics show a few of the extras to be included (note: there are extras that ARE included but not shown, check above!). Some of the pics clearly show that the phone is mint condition as stated (the plastic is still on the battery door for those wondering) and there is a Zagg screen protector on the front of the device. One of the pics shows the non-BB branded, black silicone case on the phone - offers better protection/look than the BB-branded sleeve IMO. Take a look and PM me if interested, thanks!
    10-25-10 10:43 PM
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    Price dropped to $125..
    10-27-10 11:45 PM
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    Price dropped to $115..trying to sell ASAP..
    11-14-10 02:40 PM
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    I PMed you
    11-14-10 04:02 PM
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    I PMed you
    I did not receive your PM..
    11-15-10 01:37 AM
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    Price dropped to $100..

    mint condition VZW Curve 8330..still trying to sell it.
    06-27-11 08:32 PM
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    Anybody need a cheap blackberry (that's still in mint condition!)???

    07-18-11 06:00 PM
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    PRICE LOWERED TO $55/Shipped!
    01-23-12 11:37 AM
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    This thing is sitting in my drawer..

    I can go cheaper - make me an offer, please. I want it gone!

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    03-24-12 08:22 AM